Patterned Socks

This Fall we launched our first ever set of patterned knee high socks!  We aimed for both playful + classic patterns that would add some excitement to outfits while still coordinating with a variety of clothing styles.

Black + White Grid Knee High Socks are the most neutral of the bunch.  (They seem to be a favorite amongst the boy moms, too!)  This pattern literally goes with everything.  We are loving seeing the many ways our customers are styling them.

Golden Girl Color Block Knee High Socks are my personal favorite!  I love the combination of the deep golden mustard and light pink.  This playful pattern will pair perfectly with solid dresses this Fall and happy florals come Spring!

Candy Stripe Knee High Socks for all things holiday!  The base color of these stockings is a light pink with vertical red stripes.  A Christmastime favorite- and we are sure they'll stay popular for Valentine's Day too!

Navy Dot Knee High Socks ... of course we had to do a polka dot!  We decided on Navy for this pattern since we didn't do a solid Navy sock this Fall.  The polka dots are a golden lime color for some fun contrast!

We hope you enjoy these patterned socks as much as we do!  We look forward to creating more patterns and color ways in coming seasons.  Which one is your favorite?  Is there another pattern or color combination that you'd love to see in the future?  Let us know! :)


Little Stocking Co.



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  • srikar raj

    Yes, we enjoyed this lovely collection. I like black and white grid knee high pattern socks. All your collections are awesome, but i like black and white much more than others. We will wait to see more color combinations and collections from you. I got to know about this site while searching for new pattern ideas to make socks. We are socks manufacturers, so looking for new designs and ideas to implement on kids socks. I cam across this site, got good designs. Cotstyle socks products are perfectly suitable for indian climate. Thanks a lot for your new designs and information.

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