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Spring Launch!

Spring Launch!
Spring has sprung here at Little Stocking Co.! New dresses, pastel lace tops, springy cable knits, new striped midis and FOOTLESS tights are baaaaaaack! Don't miss our most exciting launch ever, this Thursday 2/17, 5pm PST (6pm MST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST)
Let's check everything out!
First up, the dresses. We have 9 new dresses! 4 Everyday Style & 5 Twirl Style. This release has something for everyone. Florals, easter bunnies, bright colors and gorgeous patterns. Two florals that we loved so much, we made them in both Everyday & Girlhood Twirl - Flora & Fruity Petals.
Flora spring dresses
Fruity Petals
sonic bloom spring dresses
Another floral coming Thursday that is sure to be a spring hit is Clementine
fruity petals spring floral twirl dress
You may recognize this new floral...This is Lilah. Yep! It is our fall favorite Delilah print, all pasteled up for Spring. How pretty is this?!
pastel purple spring floral twirl dress
Looking for something other than florals? You got it. Introducing Citron Squares. This gorgeous goldenrod print is classic, cute and versatile! Will carry through spring and straight into fall! You can't go wrong with this one!
citron squares everyday dress
And to round out this epic dress drop, we have our Easter bunny prints! Pink Funny Bunny & Mint Funny Bunny!
funny bunny easter dresses
Why Funny Bunny? Funny story... As adorable as these dresses are, turns out a large number of them ended up with an upside down bunny smack dab, front and center. 🤪 This funny print may be an issue for some and others won't carrot all...😏 But either way we are embracing these funny bunnies! This little mis-hop means extra savings for you! Both Funny Bunny dresses will be discounted to $24.99/each. 
And now for the stockings! We have so many cute options this spring!
Starting with our knee highs. We will have two knee high bundles available. Our Pastel Lace Top Bundle & our Garden Party Cable Knit Bundle.
spring knee high bundles
Pastel Lace Top Bundle includes; Peony, Pale Peach, Sunshine, Mint, Sky Blue and Lavender. The prettiest and most vibrant pastel collection EVER. 
Garden Party Cable Knit Bundle includes; Quartz Pink, Poppy, Citron, Basil, Mist and Bronze. These earth spring tones are absolutely gorgeous and pair so well with our new dresses. Our favorite match is the Flora print dress which is available in both Twirl and Everyday styles. 
In addition to our standard lace tops and cable knit knee highs, we've added Fancy Knee Highs! Our Fancy Knee Highs will come in three colors, Vanilla, White & Peony. These will be available individually for $9.00/pair. How perfectly sweet will these be under all of her spring dresses and outfits? 
fancy knee high socks
Midis! This year we have FIVE different midi packs! Midis are the PERFECT spring sock. First up is our lace trim midi packs. Sahara & Tea Party
lace top midi packs
Sahara Midis are the neutral lovers pack! 3 beautiful neutral tones that she'll be wearing again and again.
Tea Party Midis are the sweetest of the sweet. The 3 pastel colors are so pretty and match so many of our new Charm Dresses! 
Now...the midis we are most excited for! The striped midi packs!
striped midi packs
Pastel Striped Midis & Garden Striped Midis. Our first gender neutral midi packs that make the absolutely sweetest sibling sets. We can't wait to see these on all of your littles!
Pastel Midi 3-Pack includes; Peony, Sky Blue & Sunshine. Garden Midi 3-Pack includes; Basil, Poppy & Citron. 
Our last midi pack is something y'all have been asking for. An all white midi pack! Fancy style! All White Fancy Midi 3-Pack is the must-have pack for spring. The perfect addition to her sock collection for spring and year round! 
white fancy midi pack
And for the finale... The one thing that people have asked for every single day for over a year! Drum roll..... Footless Tights are back! Perfect paired with sandals for spring, or for those new little walkers around the house! Available in 7 colors; Black, Basil, Vanilla, White, Peony, Poppy & Mustard!
cable knit footless tights
That's all folks! See you Thursday evening! 5pm PST ・ 6pm MST ・ 7pm CST ・ 8pm EST


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