Tights Styling 101

I don't know about you-
but when I was a kid, tights were just for special occasions.
That's not the case anymore! Our tights are for every day wear.
They're durable, comfortable and come in colors she'll be excited to put on.
Here are 4 of our favorite ways to style tights for Fall...
little girl in mustard yellow tights
1. Under denim shorts.
mauve rose tights under denim shorts
So cool! Get more out of her favorite denim shorts by layering them with a fun color of tights. Tights pictured: Mauve Rose
2. With onesies.
baby in onesie and mustard yellow cable knit tights
Cozy and cute as can be! Our favorite baby uniform - A onesie paired with tights will keep her warm and comfortable for naps and play. Tights pictured: Mustard
3. Under rompers and bubbles.
little girl in neutral bubble romper and olive green cable knit tights
Everyone loves a good romper! Transition her adorable summer bubbles and rompers into Fall with tights and boots. Tights pictured: Olive
4. Midi socks on top.
girl on stool in charcoal tights and ivory socks
The more the merrier, right? Why wear just one pair of Little Stocking Co. when you can layer 2?! Tights pictured: Charcoal • Midi Socks: Heathered Ivory from the Midnight Midi Collection.
We can't wait to see the many ways you style your tights this Fall! 

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