Vintage Inspired Girls Dresses

Our favorite way to style our knee highs and tights is with a classic, vintage or vintage-inspired dress!  
Vintage dresses often have a slightly shorter length which makes them the perfect compliment to our stockings.
If you're looking for truly vintage and unique finds, my favorite place to shop is on the app Kidizen.  I have found some really sweet vintage dresses there for my daughter and they're usually very affordable as Kidizen is a secondhand marketplace.
pink vintage dress on little girl
(Pink vintage dress paired with our Red Stripe Lace Midi Socks.)
Another favorite of mine for vintage inspired girls clothing is the Australian label, Lacey Lane.  They magically combine vintage styles with playful, often retro inspired prints to make the best dresses for little girls!  I especially love their colorful, floral print vintage dresses because I can always find a perfect match with our knee highs or tights!
vintage floral girls dress with orange knee high socks
(Lacey Lane dress paired with our Pumpkin Spice Lace Top Knee High Socks)
Do you have a favorite place to shop for vintage or vintage inspired dresses for your girls?  Share in the comments below- we'd love to check them out! :)



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