Winter/Holiday Socks & Tights

🎶 Joy to the world, our winter socks are here! 🎶
holiday socks and tights
Let's start with the good news! We have TONS of new goodies to choose from, which we will get to in just a moment. The bad news? many of you know, shipping delays and issues have plagued us all this year. That being said, we did receive MOST of our winter collection. We will be able to offer almost everything on launch day! We will have tights, fancy midi bundles, lace top midi bundles and both of our knee high bundles (lace top and cable knit). So what is missing? Individual knee highs. We know, total bummer. The shipment of individual socks is still coming and should be available within the next week or two. We will release them as soon as they arrive! Why didn't we just wait and release everything together? The truth is, we did think about doing that, but with shipping delays starting earlier than ever this season, we wanted you to have as much time as possible to get your socks and tights ordered and delivered. 
Now for the exciting stuff! Let's show you the goods! Starting with the new... we have a brand new style! Fancy Midis. These will come in two different 3-pack options. Minnie Fancy Midis & Juliet Fancy Midis.
Minnie Fancy Midi 3-Pack includes; True Red, Black & White. This classic set is a total must-have! 
true red fancy midi socks
Shown above in True Red.
Juliet Fancy Midis include; Wine, Cotton Candy & Vanilla. This set is so pretty and has the absolute sweetest colors. 
Juliet fancy midi pack
cotton candy fancy midi
Shown above in Cotton Candy and paired with our Dasher Twirl Dress.
Please note, these socks are running larger than our standard midi socks. If you order your usual size, please expect them to hit higher on the leg. If between sizes, we'd suggest sizing down for a true midi look that hits between the ankle and calf.
Let's stay on the Midi Train and show you our two new Lace Trim Midi 3-Packs! Girlhood Midi 3-Pack & Varsity Midi 3-Pack.
Girlhood Midi 3-Pack will include; White, Vanilla & Blush/Mauve. This is our new staple midi pack that we plan to carry permanently. It's that good!
girlhood midi pack
Varsity Midi 3-Pack will include; Gold, Navy & Forest Green. This isn't the most traditional set of colors but we are obsessed with it! These colors will be great year round!
forest green midis
Shown above in Forest Green along with our Christmas Plaid Everyday Dress.
Winter Tights! We have a true winter rainbow of colors coming. 
winter tights
Top row, left to right; Bubblegum, Bright Red, True Red, Wine, Gold
Bottom row, left to right; Magenta, Plum, Aqua, Emerald, Forest Green
These will be available individually for $12.00/pair or we will have 3 different tights bundles available for $30.00/bundle. 
Merry & Bright - Bright Red, Emerald & Bubblegum
merry and bright tights bundle
Christmas Cheer - True Red, Forest Green & Gold
Christmas cheer tights bundle
Sugarplum - Magenta, Aqua & Plum
 sugarplum tights bundle
And now onto knee highs! This holiday season, we have TWO knee high bundles for you to choose from. A classic cable knit collection and a bright and cheery lace top collection.
The Festive Cable Knit Bundle will include 6 colors; True Red, Forest Green, Plum, Gold, Bubblegum & Wine. 
festive cable knit bundle
The Winter Wonderland Lace Top Bundle is what winter dreams are made of. In addition to the following winter brights; Magenta, Aqua, Cotton Candy & Emerald, Winter Wonderland will also include our new Santa Baby knee highs as well as our new spin on the classic Candy Stripe sock which is now available with the sweetest lace top detail! 
winter wonderland bundle
We know many of you are wondering about the classic Candy Stripe knee highs. Don't worry, they are coming! Unfortunately, the classic version of this sock isn't in either of our bundles so it won't be available to purchase individually until we are able to release all of our single socks in the next week or two. 
 Lastly, we are adding a surprise set of holiday dresses to tomorrow's launch! Here is a sneak peek of one that we think is going to be a favorite with the kiddos 🦄
unicorn Christmas dress
Shown above with Magenta Cable Knit Tights.
Winter Socks/Tights will release Tuesday 10/19 9am PST - 10am MST - 11am CST - 12pm EST.



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