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New Arrivals

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orange and pink trimmed sleeveless tank dress for girls
little girl in orange and pink tank dress holding orange slices

Sunkist Sleeveless Charm Dress

girl jumping in bright blue and lime green summer twirl dress

Baja Blue Sleeveless Charm Dress

barbie pink sleeveless twirl dress for girls
little girl in flamingo pink sleeveless summer twirl dress

Flamingo Sleeveless Charm Dress

little girl dressed in brown tank dress ready to play tennis

Chestnut Sleeveless Charm Dress

muted pink sleeveless girl's twirl dress with dark plum trim
little girl posing with hands on hips in muted pink and purple sleeveless summer twirl dress

Vintage Rose Sleeveless Charm Dress

sage green sleeveless girls' tank dress
style outfit, sage green girls tank dress paired with pink lace socks and white flower shaped sunglasses

Eucalyptus Sleeveless Charm Dress


Hot Pink Striped Midi Sock


Turquoise Striped Midi Sock


Neon Striped Midi Sock


Pastel Rainbow Lace Midi Sock

lettuce trim girls socks with ruffles in spring colors
spring blue ruffle trim socks with lettuce edge on little girl

Aruba Lettuce Trim Midi Socks

$22.00 $12.99
warm neutral lettuce trim ribbed midi socks for babies, toddlers and girls.

Sedona Lettuce Trim Midi Socks

$22.00 $12.99
malibu pink lace trimmed socks for girls

Rose Garden Lace Midi Socks

$24.00 $12.99

Ice Blue Lace Midi Sock

sea glass green lace trim socks for girls
sea green lace socks for girls

Sea Glass Lace Midi Sock

cornflower blue lace socks for girls

Cornflower Lace Midi Sock

hibiscus pink lace trim midi socks on little girl

Hibiscus Lace Midi Sock

pastel yellow lace trim socks on little girl

Buttercup Lace Midi Sock

orange lace socks on little girl

Papaya Lace Midi Sock

pastel green lace trim socks on little girl

Pistachio Lace Midi Sock

pastel purple lace socks on little girl

Lilac Lace Midi Sock

pink lace trim socks for little girls
sweet pea pink lace socks girls

Sweet Pea Lace Midi Sock

raspberry magenta lace trim girls socks

Raspberry Lace Midi Sock