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Patterned Dresses

custom made patterns you'll only find from Girlhood in the most buttery soft material she is sure to love!

girls floral twirl dress, spring flowers
spring floral dress on little girl with pink, yellow, mint and lavender flowers

Spring Floral Charm Dress

girls tie-dye twirl dress in pretty pastel colors
snocone tie-dye girls dress on girl wearing fun sunglasses

SnoCone Charm Dress

vintage daffodil wallpaper twirl dress for toddlers and girls
daffodil wallpaper twirl dress detail

Daffodil Wallpaper Twirl Dress

$36.00 $19.99
light blue girls easter dress with ballet bunnies and daisy flowers

Ballet Bunnies Twirl Dress

$36.00 $16.99
little girl in lilac gingham print twirl dress. perfect purple easter dress

Lilac Gingham Twirl Dress

$36.00 $24.99
spring green gingham girls twirl dress
green gingham girls dress detail

Green Gingham Twirl Dress

$36.00 $24.99
girls tulip twirl dress
little girls in tulip print twirl dress

Tulip Festival Twirl Dress

pastel rainbow checkered twirl dress for toddlers and girls.
little girl in pastel checkered twirl dress

Checkered Pastel Charm Dress

$36.00 $24.99
pastel girls dress with rainbows, unicorns and other magical stickers
pastel girls sticker dress with rainbows, unicorns, flowers, stars & more

Pastel Stickers Charm Dress

$36.00 $24.99
light pink plaid girls twirl dress. pink plaid girls easter dress
little girl in light pink plaid twirl dress with big ruffle hem

Pink Plaid Charm Dress

$36.00 $16.99
light orange vertical striped twirl dress for girls
light orange pinstripe twirl dress on little girl

Papaya Pinstripe Charm Dress

little girl in pink pinstripe twirl dress. perfectly pink dress for little girls

Pink Pinstripe Charm Dress

black and white checkered twirl dress for little girls
black and white checkers dress on girl

Black/White Checkered Twirl Dress

rainbow leopard charm dress by girlhood and little stocking co
Little girl twirling in rainbow leopard print dress and black knee high socks by little stocking co

Rainbow Leopard Charm Dress

classic leopard twirl dress for little girls by little stocking co & girlhood

Classic Leopard Twirl Dress

confetti stars twirl dress paired with black cable knit tights

Confetti Stars Twirl Dress

midnight party charm dress - NYE collection
Midnight party twirl dress for little girls paired with gray cable knit tights by little stocking co. Cutest NYE dress for little girls

Midnight Party Charm Dress

$36.00 $19.99
red and white heart valentines twirl dress for girls
toddler in red and white heart twirl dress with adorable white and red striped lace top socks. perfect valentine's outfit for toddlers and girls

Be Mine Twirl Dress

$36.00 $19.99
Little girl in valentines sticker dress and adorable checkered midi socks

Valentine's Sticker Charm Dress

$36.00 $19.99