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Size 5 Dresses

little girl wearing strawberry print summer dress holding handful of strawberries

Strawberry Sleeveless Charm Dress

tie-dye girls tank dress
tie-dye girls tank dress with white contrasted binding

GloCone Sleeveless Charm Dress

citron floral print summer twirl dress for toddlers and girls
citron floral twirl dress on little girl holding side of skirt and flower basket

Citron Floral Sleeveless Charm Dress

pink checkered print tank dress for toddlers and girls
little girl posing with one knee popped in pink checkered twirl dress and white sneakers

Pink Checkers Sleeveless Charm Dress

blue green "riptide" ringer tank summer dress for toddlers and girls
little girl holding up peace sign wearing blue green contrast ringer tank dress

Riptide Sleeveless Charm Dress

white tank twirl dress for toddlers and girls with contrast black ringer style trim.
little girls twirling in white and black ringer style twirl dress holding metallic disco ball

Monochrome Sleeveless Charm Dress

citron summer twirl dress with blush pink contrasted binding.
little girl in citron and blush tank dress and flower shaped sunglasses

Citron Sleeveless Charm Dress

terracotta summer tank dress for toddlers and girls - available in sizes 12-18m up to 10 years
young girl holding flowers in terracotta summer tank dress by little stocking co & girlhood.

Terracotta Sleeveless Charm Dress

light purple "lavender haze" summer tank dress for toddlers and girls
young girl in light purple tank dress and pastel rainbow midi socks

Lavender Haze Sleeveless Charm Dress

young girl holding flower watering can in perfect neutral "seashell" summer tank dress

Seashell Sleeveless Charm Dress

neon bugs summer twirl dress for toddlers and girls
neon bugs outfit inspo

Neon Bugs Sleeveless Charm Dress

parade themed 4th of july dress for toddlers and girls

Parade Sleeveless Twirl Dress

american flag twirl dress for toddlers and girls

Americana Sleeveless Twirl Dress

liberty stripe 4th of july dress outfit

Liberty Stripe Sleeveless Charm Dress


True Blue Sleeveless Charm Dress


Firecracker Red Sleeveless Charm Dress

muted pink sleeveless girl's twirl dress with dark plum trim
little girl posing with hands on hips in muted pink and purple sleeveless summer twirl dress

Vintage Rose Sleeveless Charm Dress

sage green sleeveless girls' tank dress
style outfit, sage green girls tank dress paired with pink lace socks and white flower shaped sunglasses

Eucalyptus Sleeveless Charm Dress

little girl dressed in brown tank dress ready to play tennis

Chestnut Sleeveless Charm Dress

light pink girls twirl dress with pockets

Pixie Pink Charm Dress

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